Bradford on Avon
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Posted on April 05, 2022


Coffee Gems story began where yours also began, with a love for coffee and the creative community spaces it naturally creates. Ricardo's love for coffee started not where it begins for most of us - as a customer, coffee drinker and enthusiast - but where coffee normally grow, in a remote Colombian region named Huila.

He grew up on his grandparents' estate, and with sparkle of happiness he still remembers when coffee plantations bloomed and dressed in white, with scents of jasmine and fantasy or when his grandmother used to roast coffee in a copper pot, then the house was invaded for an unique powerful and complex fragrance that seduced and overwhelmed his senses. Nowadays, for him, only the aroma of coffee can conjure up that happy childhood.

Today in the United Kingdom and with more than 10 years of speciality coffee experience under his belt, inspired by the light and energy of those who look for a good cup of coffee and a portion of happiness of those who try to leave this world a little better than they found it, Ricardo started this exciting adventure, “flavoured” with those same feelings. His passion and mastery is to cure the best green coffee beans in the market, roast them to bring out the most prominent flavours of each origin and delight the British public and far beyond with these exceptional beans.