Bradford on Avon
Food & Drink Festival


Posted on April 05, 2022


Heart of Africa is a market and event platform, who’s primary purpose is the sale and distribution of premium Biltong products. A diverse selection of secondary accompanying products synonymous with Southern Africa now compliments the offering, bringing about a robust shopping experience.

Our goal is to roll-out a supply chain of vendor owned, pop-up Biltong Bar platforms across the south of England, that will be targeted towards charter markets in various town high streets. We aim to broaden this scope to Artisan and Farmers markets in due course and hope to grow our capacity and reach to service various special events across the UK.

Having lived most of, or some of our lives in , Southern Africa... We know the importance of having a taste of home nearby. Our aim is to continue to promote a sense of familiarity and nostalgia for our South African community living here in the UK and at the same time, introduce people from all nations both local and international, to the importance of a nutritious and delicious snack-food product, called Biltong.

At roughly 65 grams of protein, per 100 grams of Biltong,,,,, Who’s going to say no!

So, when you are next at a market, Look for the Flags and Follow the Bull.