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Posted on May 27, 2021


Sarah Gurung is founder, recipe developer, and photographer for Yak Yeti Yak restaurant and The Himalayan Spice Company. A long time ago, almost lost in the mists of time, Sarah started her culinary road trip working on a small fishing boat and oyster farm in Guernsey whilst also working part time as a wine bar chef. The next move was to London where Sarah was an oysterman and chef at Bentley’s in Piccadilly. After several years in the kitchen, she decided the 1980’s high end restaurant scene wasn’t really for her, so she set off travelling and cooking her way around the world.

Insatiably curious about food, Sarah is constantly exploring new tastes, cooking methods and the ideas behind them. Sarah has travelled far and wide gathering recipes along the way. “I’m a bit like a child when I find a new ingredient, I just have to get home and experiment straightaway.” Sarah shares her adventures and cooking through her instagram @sarahskichentravels

Having spent many years as an expedition guide in Nepal working in some incredible locations from the jungles of the south to the High Himalaya and beyond to the arid desert of the Tibetan plateau, Sarah’s specialist knowledge is Nepalese cuisine. Getting to know the people who live along many of the ancient spice routes has led to some great adventures and unusual culinary experiences that form the basis of her recipes. Sarah now considers Nepal as her second home.

The idea for The Himalayan Spice Company came about by chance after sharing a recipe with a customer at Yak Yeti Yak and seeing the blank expression on the customer’s face. Sarah realised what she needed to do was simplify the recipes without sacrificing flavour. After a lot of failed attempts, The Himalayan Spice Company has 6 unique spice blends and recipes for them, making the flavours of the Himalaya easy to create at home.