Bradford on Avon
Food & Drink Festival


Posted on May 27, 2021


Vicky is going to do a fabulous Doggie Demonstration for us on the Big Cookery Stage - it will be Barking BBQ Fun.

Beef burger topped with coleslaw 2 ways. With Banana ice cream for dessert

I’ve always tried my best to make sure that the food we ate as a family was unprocessed, locally sourced where possible, and fresh. So when we welcomed our first dog – Rudi Doodle – into the family, I saw no reason not to source his food in the same way.

The problem was that in 2009 proper, natural, species-appropriate food didn’t really exist for pets, it was before the ‘raw pet food revolution!’. So a bit nervous… but determined….. I set about reading books, scouring pet shops for supplements and chatting to vet friends. It accidentally became a business and I was making and selling raw pet food, baking biscuits and drying liver (not the nicest thing) to sell. Before I knew it I was responsible for feeding around 4000 dogs per month !

Fast forward a few years and Fletcher joined the family as a re-home. Fletcher is a labradoodle who is VERY in touch with his poodle side and as well as insisting he sit on the settee and share your digestive biscuits, he also flat refused to eat raw food…. What did I think he was….a dog ? Sometimes I was so desperate to make him eat I would pop him on my lap and feed him with a spoon. In terms of quality I simply couldn’t find anything that matched raw food, that wasn’t raw food !

So having moved on from my first business I set about creating HUG Pet Food! At HUG we have created a range of foods that suit all tastes…. With critical aspects in common, the quality, ingredients and processes to create the food are the best of their kind. We want to help all pet parents nurture their dog or cat and enjoy the experience. With HUG you can choose from 3 types of food…a traditional raw food; a cook-at-home food; and a cold pressed dry food that is highly nutritious and easy to digest. Picky eaters rejoice !

We are really excited to be demonstrating how you too can deal with a ‘Fussy Fletcher’ or simply enjoy cooking for your canine. Given half a chance I’d rather dine with my dog …. Join us and we’ll share some recipes so you can too !