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Posted on May 22, 2021


It's simple, really.

When it comes to feeding healthy, happy pets, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

We started Hug so owners would have a real alternative to the usual poorly formulated pet food. What drives us? Seeing the incredible difference a complete, whole food diet can make to pets’ quality of life.

We’ve been around awhile. This isn’t a side project. It’s not a fad or a flash in the pan. For over ten years, we’ve been in the business of developing, making, and obsessing over fresh, natural food for dogs and cats.

During this time, we learnt that raw feeding doesn’t suit every owner or pet. That’s why we created a range of bone free, raw recipes you can cook – so no dog or cat misses out on excellent whole food nutrition.

Our cookable raw meals arrive frozen in eco-friendly packaging and are easy to prepare. You’ll only find natural goodies in them – no green tripe or artificial preservatives. They’re bone free and human-grade, so you can happily serve them raw or cooked – it’s up to you.

We also have a traditional raw range for working dogs. Full of nourishing ingredients, each recipe delivers everything active canines need to feel at the top of their game. These meals can only be served raw as they contain bone.
Different pets have different needs. Our cookable raw, traditional raw, and cold pressed ranges are comprised of vet approved recipes that support all ages and target specific health concerns.

We know not everyone has a ton of spare fridge or freezer storage – our premium cold pressed dog food was made for those short on space. It’s dry, complete, and prepared using the cold pressing technique, which works at low temperatures to lock in plenty of nutritious goodness and flavour. Natural food for dogs & cats. No nonsense.

Raw, cooked, or cold pressed, our standards remain the same. Every meal receives the same care and comes packed with fresh, ethically sourced ingredients that do your pet a world of good. Hug is a British-owned business, and, where possible, we source our ingredients from the UK. For elements that can’t be found on home turf or aren’t produced to a high enough standard, we’ve partnered with select suppliers, ensuring all of our ingredients are top-quality and sustainable.

Alongside our natural food for dogs and cats, you can find our handy Hug Hero Kits. Each kit is designed to remedy a specific problem your pet may be struggling with, from itchy skin to new home nerves. We also provide a choice of useful pet products from Hug-approved companies.

We behave responsibly. That means looking after our team, supporting charities close to our hearts, and watching our impact on the environment.

We are registered with DEFRA and our approval number is: 89/705/8004/ABP/PFT