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Posted on March 04, 2020


Why an Evoqua Candle is so special…

When we made the decision to make Evoqua Candles into a business, we chose to build it with our core values at the heart of it - our clients, the environment and the quality of ingredients and resources that we use.

We want our clients to enjoy candles that infuse a room naturally, and mindfully. We care about the environment and wanted to create a beautiful range of candles offering scents that are pure, subtle and uplifting. With this in mind, we have chosen to use only natural and Essential Oils, which have been extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, bark, seeds and roots of shrubs, bushes, herbs and trees. Nature at its best!

After much testing, we have chosen to use 8% oil to wax, which will give a sustainable and consistent aroma. Our choice of wax is a rapeseed and soy blend that has been developed in the UK and manufactured under license by British Wax, and we couple these with a simple cotton wick.

We chose this combination as we aim for a scent that develops during it's first burn into a beautiful scent that fills the room with a natural and sensual fragrance.

Each candle comes with a timber lid that elegantly protects your candle and a Candle Card that explains how to care for your candle to ensure you get the best ‘scent throw’ when it’s lit.

We also respect our client’s lifestyle choices. The Evoqua Candle range has been researched, designed and created to be completely vegan friendly.

We are confident that we have created a beautiful apothecary brand that will fit delightfully in both modern and traditional interiors, and where all of the candle ingredients, boxing and packaging used are;

kind and compassionate to the environment

fully recyclable


Compostable, Biodegradable, Recyclable & Re-purposable