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Posted on December 02, 2019


I am a home cook who was propelled into a ‘dream come true’ world of cooking after winning the coveted MasterChef trophy back in 2014.

After being made redundant, I applied for the 10th series of Masterchef not even believing that I would get through to the show, the rest as they say is history. It is the best thing I have ever done and certainly pushed me to the limits. The competition was a huge boost to my confidence and has definitely established my love for cooking. a town in Malaysia where people around the country travel to for good food. Since I was young I was spoilt for choice as there is always good food around. I moved to the UK to study in 2000 and found that I craved food from home. With lots of failed experiments and panic calls back to my mum in Malaysia, I started to cook Malaysian food for myself and for anyone who were willing to be guinea pigs.
is to spread some love for Malaysian food in the UK, my home now for 16 years. MasterChef has allowed me to showcase some of the Malaysian flavours to a mass audience and now it is up to me and a few other chefs to champion this wonderful cuisine in the UK. I travel all over to promote Malaysian food.

I have a restaurant in London, Ping Pan Asian, located on the 4th floor in Selfridges with the aim of bringing some fresh South East Asian food to England. My debut cookbook, my second baby, MALAYSIA is available to buy on Amazon or from your local bookshop.
When I am not in London, I run a series of monthly Supperclubs in Bath call Ping’s Makan Club where the menu changes every month. This is where I showcased flavours of Malaysia, some traditional, some modern or downright crazy experiments! It gets very busy so book early!

I also run a cookery school in my home kitchen here in Wiltshire call Ping’s Masak Club. Unlike many cookery schools, mine is very personal and intimate as I only take a maximum of 6 students. Oh I am also writing the next book…...
and I live just outside Bath. My husband Andrew runs an e-commerce company Concrete Studios and I have two very cheeky daughters, Alexa 7 (turning 17) and Luna,2, our cat Roxy and 4 fishies! We are like any other ordinary families, have regular problems but extraordinary meals!